The Pre-Raphaelites: Years of Achievement 1848-1860


The first 12 years of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement are the most revolutionary and significant.

I look in detail at how the young Millais, Rossetti and Holman Hunt break with the past and turn their backs on the traditions of academic and romantic painting. I show how they discover true colour from direct observation of nature and how they were the first artist to painting in the open air. In particular I look at the drawings of Millais to see how the Pre-Raphaelite style evolved.

I examine the role of John Ruskin as art critic and defender of the Brotherhood. In addition to the main artists I look at the paintings of Ford Madox Brown, Arthur Hughes and Henry Wallis as well as the landscapes of Brett, Boyce and Inchbold. I examine the influence that the Pre-Raphaelites exerted in France and Europe.

Suitable as a Study Day ( extending beyond 1860)