Claude Monet : The Impressionist Years 1862-1883


Monet moved to Paris from Honfleur to study at the Academie Gleyre where he met Sisley, Renoir, Bazille and Pissarro who became the nucleus of the nascent Impressionist movement.

Monet was also influenced by the revolutionary work of Edouard Manet and by the mid-1860’s was working in an Impressionist manner often side-by-side with Renoir.

The Franco-Prussian War and subsequent Paris Commune delayed plans for an Impressionist exhibition which finally took place in 1874, Monet having spent 1870-1 painting in London. The 1870’s were a happy time for Monet living and working in Argenteuil and some of his most memorable Impressionist landscapes come from this period. However the late 1870’s saw an economic recession in which sales of pictures suffered. and Monet’s wife Camille died in 1879.

This lecture examines the issues surrounding the First Impressionist Exhibition of 1874, the attitude of the art critics and Monet’s role as the most versatile artist of the group.