Claude Monet : The Giverny Years 1883 -1926


In 1883 Monet first saw the house in Giverny that was to become his home for the next 43 years. At the time his life was changing following the death of his wife Camille. Alice Hoschede and her children moved to Giverny with Monet and a very and settled and happy period followed.

Monet’s work changed radically and he began painting series of pictures which depict the same subject matter, but seen in differing light and atmospheric conditions. The series include the haystacks, Rouen cathedral, poplars on the Epte, the Creuse valley, Venice, the church and customs house at Varengeville and of course the famous waterlily series. The latter culminated in the major project commissioned by the French state to paint two series of waterlilies ‘in the round’ to be installed in the Orangerie in Paris.

The lecture also examines Monet’s private life, his marriage to Alice Hoschede, Suzanne Hoschede’s marriage to the American artist Theodore Butler, the colony of American artists in Giverny and Monet’s passion for his garden.


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